NCERT 12th Class English Guss Paper 2022 Essay

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12th Class English Guss Paper 2022 | 100/100 marks

पढ़े12th Class Solution

Bihar Board 12th Class English Guss paper for 2022 Exam

Essay For Class 12th Exam

Marks- 8 Number

Television Essay

Television is one of the greatest inventions of modern science. It is invented by J. L. Beard. Now we cannot do without a TV set in a house. People would earlier call it as an idiot box. But now this box is respectfully placed at the most important place where whole family can sit together. It provides a live telecast of any type of programme.

It is a source of entertainment and education. There are many channels on different subjects. Language is not a problem. But improper use of television has bad effect on our family. There are many types of programmes and channels but selection of a right programme is very important. It has bad effect on children’s health if it is not watched from a proper distance and at a proper time. Children should be kept away from its ill effect.

Importance of Trees Essay

Can there be oxygen without trees? The answer is ‘no’. Therefore, the importance of trees can be understood well. There can be no life on the Earth without trees and plants. Not only oxygen but trees are the only source of food for many animals that live in the forest. Trees provide us greenery and save us from the scorching heat of the Sun.

Birds generally make their nests in trees. Trees create a balance between men and environment. These are responsible for the rain on the earth. Trees give us fruits to eat and wood to make furniture. Trees are also a raw material for many necessary items like match box, paper, cork and many more. These days, the number of trees has come down. So, there is disturbance in the cycle of the seasons. The need is to save trees from being cut. More and more trees must be planted to save the Earth.

Covid-19 and Education Essay

Cavid19 has given a very new shape to education. What we might have done in years to come, have done and achieved in just a few months. During this period education system completely shifted on online platform. This online process of teaching and learning has given a great opportunity to the students living in remote areas. They can be in touch of a quality educator seated somewhere or you can say anywhere in the space

. They need not leave their home and spend a lot of money on rent and conveyance. Apart from this, there is no disturbance in their regular study in the name of seasons, ill health, festivals, marriages, and money problem. The education has become very cheap and has become in reach to all. Even there are many platforms where one can get tutorials free of cost. The only need is to have a good mobile or tablet equipped with good network connection.

The Book You Like Most Essay

The book I like most is the Ramayana. It is also the holy book of the Hindus. It is written by Tulsi Das. Its story is full of each and every thing that is needed for a complete entertainment. There is no side of human relationship that is not touched in the story.

King Dasarath as a father, Kaushalya and Kekayi as mothers, Ram as a son, Laxman as a brother, Sita as a wife, Hanuman and Manthara as servants, Sugreev as a friend, Bibhishan as a spy and last but not least Ravan as an enemy, all these characters are now known as symbols for their acts. The story is very touching and long one in poetry form. It has a very universal appeal, means; it is present in every period of time.

Honesty is the best policy Essay

‘Honesty is the best policy’ there is not a bit of doubt in saying and supporting the line whoever has told this. What I want to add further is the most valuable thing on the earth is honesty and honesty only. If one wants to be rich just sell honesty. This is highly in demand Now. the question is – how can honesty be sold? Yes, it’s very easy to understand.

Whatever you do in your life – whether a business or service, just be honest in your dealing and behaviour. The time will come when you and your business will be shinning. In this new world of internet, only honest business can survive and sustain. On the other hand, a dishonest one can be a temporary success but it should never be taken as an ideal in life. An honest person should never be disheartened on seeing a temporary success of a dishonest person.

Covid-19 and Its impact Essay

The corona virus COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest challenge of present time. In fact, it is the most terrible situation that human beings have faced since the life evolved on the Earth. COVID-19 stands for Corona Virous Disease 2019. The problem first erupted from Wuhan, a city of China. It then gripped whole of the world in its grip.

It spreads very quickly. It first develops with respiratory problems and further takes a deadly form. It has taken the lives of millions of people across the world. Our lives have become miserable and its cure is still out of reach.

There is only guesswork regarding its origin and still a mystery for the scientist. But, medical researchers are working day and night to develop a vaccine to check the disease. Some companies have got success in this field. Still it will be a very difficult task to give the dose of the vaccine to almost 8 billion people on the Earth.

Might is Right Essay

The saying is very old. These days it is not so. The people on the earth have become civilised with time. There are laws and establishments that guarantee the right of people. No one can enter my house and take my children and money away.

No one can attack me because he likes to do so. These types of people are known as thieves and criminals. There are laws to punish them. Police are there to arrest them. Court is there to punish them. If might rules, there will be disorder. No person can feel free and can work freely. Only muscled men will have power and rule.

There will be no respect for art, literature, and philosophy. There will be no place for civilisation. In the absence of civilisation, culture cannot develop. In Indian movies, however, the power of might is often shown successful first. But, at last it is crushed under the feet of hero and the good wins

Discipline Essay

Discipline is the key to success in life. The most interesting example of discipline is in the universe itself. The planets and satellites revolve and rotate in a fixed path in the orbit. There we find the meaning of discipline. Their movement causes day and night and controls the cycle of seasons. Even a bit of variation, may cause disruption on the Earth and endanger our survival.

The importance of discipline cannot be ruled out at any stage of our life. In every walk of life it the discipline that makes things happen properly and timely. In classrooms, in offices, on playgrounds, on roads, everywhere discipline is necessary. In the absence of it there will be disorder only. No work can proceed in its absence. If the rising and setting timings of the Sun and the Moon is fixed for years to come, if the pulse rate and the blood pressure has a range – why not we?

Pollution Essay

Pollution is a cancer like disease of environment. These days, pollution is found in almost every walk of life. It is found in air, sound, water, and soil and most important in politics also. But, in any case it is harmful to us. Air pollution has invited a danger of global warming. Sound pollution has created mental stress to the people. Water pollution brings water borne disease. Soil pollution has decreased the fertility of the soil.

The use of chemicals in farming causes soil pollution. Now this problem has become a danger to flora and fauna on the earth. Whole world is now taking it seriously. Governments will have to take these challenges by making hard policies.

Public transport system must be improved to control the air pollution. This will bring down the noise pollution also. Water is polluted mostly by unplanned industrialisation. Poisonous materials are thrown in rivers by the industries. Strict policies are needed in this regard. Only seminars and meetings will not suffice.

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