12th Class English Guss Paper 2022 | 100/100 marks

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Bihar Board 12th Class English Guss Paper 2022


It turned out that the Minister and Lala Sohanlal, once the best of friends, were now at daggers drawn.

Ans:- The above lines have been taken from the story titled ‘A Pinch of Snuff’ written by an Indian author Manohar Malgaonnkar. Here, Nanukaka after some talks with Sohanlal comes to know that there is some enmity between Sohanlal and Welfare Minister. Nanukaka had not expected this earlier. But, he took this incident to this advantage and moved further with a new fraud idea of cheating welfare Minister.

Speeches may be made, of course, but they will not reach the wider public, for they will not be reported in full.

Ans.:- The above lines have been taken from the essay titled ‘How Free Is The Press’ written by a British author Dorothy L. Sayers. Here, the author raises his concern over the freedom of press in our society. He says media will print and publish the news that does not harm its purpose. No media house is free. They are controlled by many. The interests of advertisers and the owner are of prime importance. So, they will not print the speeches that have anything that harm their interest.

Justice was tolerably fair. The ordinary rule was to avoid courts.

Ans.:- The above lines have been taken from the essay titled ‘Indian Civilization and Culture’ written by an Indian author Mahatma Gandhi. Here, Gandhiji talks about India’s past culture and practices. He advocates Home Rule where people enjoyed self ruled societies. There were no likings for the courts. Panchaayat would take the decision that was followed by people. There was no place for harsh judgement, no middlemen to draw people into the long unending process of court judgement.

The fact of the matter is, I have come to ask for your daughter Natalia’s hand in marriage.

Ans.:- The above lines have been taken from the play titled ‘A Marriage Proposal written by a Russian author Anton Chekhov. Here, Lomov after gathering courage and confidence puts his words before Natalia’s father Choobookov that he has come to ask for Natalia’s hand in marriage. Having listened to this piece of news, Choobookov became so happy that even Lomov had not imagined so.

The process of its constant renewal is, indeed, the process of growth of national culture and national character.

Ans:- The above lines have been taken from the speech titled ‘Bharat is My Home’ delivered by Dr. Zakir Husain. Here, he says that a nation’s growth depends on the cultural development of the country. It reflects in its character. It is controlled not only by the education but quality of education that we get. It is not a static but dynamic process. Time to time, it needs changing.

This means that the cheap daily paper, which goes everywhere and has most influence, is far less free than the more expensive weekly or monthly,

Ans:- The above lines have been taken from the essay titled ‘How Free Is the Press’ written by an English authoress Dorothy L. Sayers. Here, she says that a newspaper of low price has a reach larger than that of a high price. It attracts large number of buyers because it is cheap. They are purchased by and read by most of the readers. These daily newspapers have most influence on the readers. The price of the newspaper is cheap because its cost is borne by the owner of the press and advertisers. So, the articles and ideas will surely support their political and vested interest. So, these cannot be unbiased.

All this time they themselves had struggled hard and almost vainly with the earth.

Ans:- The above lines have been taken from the story titled ‘The Earth’ written by an English author Dorothy H. E. Bates. Here, the author blames Benjy’s parents especially his father for their inactivity. His father had been a local preacher and his belief in God was unreasonably high. He was averse to hard work. Had he been worked hard on the land as his son did with his job of poultry farming, his land would have also been fertile.

India had always been part of the background of my life, but I had never seen it, whole and for myself until now.

Ans.:- The above lines have been taken from the travelogue titled ‘India Through A Traveller’s Eyes’ written by an American authoress Pearl S. Buck. Here, she claims that his relation to India has been very old but she had not seen it personally until now when she visits India. Her father being a Christian missionary always talked about India and her family doctor had also been an Indian couple who had always been giving her the picture of India in her growing dreams.


And nightingale are dumb, And the angel will not come.

Ans:- The present lines have been taken from the poem titled ‘Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast’ written by an English poet W. H. Auden. Here, the poet says that there is nothing but a feeling of loneliness and sadness spread everywhere. Even the birds are silent and there is no hope for relief to come.

That is forever England. These shall be in that rich earth a richer dust concealed.

Ans:- The present lines have been taken from the poem titled ‘The Soldier’ written by an English patriotic poet Rupert Brooke. Here, he claims that his body is made from the soil of his motherland- England. His every atom is indebted to his country. When he conquers he may die there, his atom of the body will be mixed with the soil of that land, therefore making that piece of foreign land his motherland.

I swore to save fire From the sin of forgetfulness.

Ans.:– The present lines have been taken from the poem titled ‘Fire-Hymn’, written by an Indian poet Keki N. Daruwalla. Here, he says that he was broken as he had lost his son and rebellious as he had performed the act against the demand of his religion but he was committed to perform the act in order to break the boundary or the differences between the two religions.

O how feeble is man’s power, That if good fortune fall, Cannot adde another houre.

Ans.: – The present lines have been taken from the poem titled ‘Sweetest Love Do Not Goe’ written by an English metaphysical poet John Donne. Here, in the lines the poet says a man forgets his bad days when good one meets and he does not even remember to control his emotions.

Starving through the leafless wood Trolls run scolding for their food.

Ans.:- The present lines have been taken from the poem titled ‘Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast’ written by an English poet W. H. Auden. Here, the poet says that the forest is leafless. There is fearful sound everywhere around. The hungry spirits are wondering around in search of food. The scene is dark and deaths are in numbers. Sadness and sorrow follow the traveller in this journey of life.

How often I think of going There, to peer through blind eyes of windows

Ans.: – The present lines have been taken from the poem titled ‘My Grandmother’s House’, written by an Indian poetess Kamala Das. Here, the poetess says that she has now become so busy in her life that she does not get time to visit the old house. The old house of her grandmother’s where she wanted to go and visualise the picture of her grandmother’s pouring love and affection on her.

And when I crumble, who will remember This lady of the West Country?

Ans.:- The present lines have been taken from the poem titled ‘An Epitaph’, written by an English poet Walter de la Mare. Here, the poet is sitting beside the grave of her wife or beloved and thinks that no one will come here after he is dead. People gather on the grave of a person after his death when the person has done something worthwhile for them. The case of this lady is not so.

At whatever time the deed took place MACAVITY WASN’T THERE!

Ans.: – The present lines have been taken from the poem titled ‘Macavity: The Mystery Cat’ written by an English poet T. S. Eliot. Here, he says that Macavity is so clever that he commits the crime but never leaves his footprint behind. His crime has no limit. Whenever and wherever the crime takes place, there is no sign to make complain against him. So, he enjoys respect in the eyes of people.


OR Write an application to your Principal, requesting him to organize an inter-school cricket match in your school.

Answer: –

The Principal
Government High School
Bazaar Samiti Patna 800006
09th February, 2022 
Subject: - Regarding permission to organise an inter-school cricket match.
I beg to say that we want to organize an inter-school cricket match in our school. I believe that the sports event is an essential part of school education. Therefore, I request you to grant permission for the same. For this kindness I shall be very grateful to you.
Yours faithfully XYZ (Head Boy/Head girl). Class 12th, Section 'A', Roll No. - 12

OR Write a letter to your Principal, enquiring about the examination schedule.

Answer: –

Government High School
Bazaar Samiti Patna 800006
09th February, 2022 
Subject: Regarding the examination schedule.
I beg you to let me know the examination schedule of the coming 12th Board Exam 2022.
For this knodness I shall be very grateful to you.
Your Faithfully
XYZ, Class 12th ,Section 'A', Roll No. - 12

SHORT ANSWER (5×2=10 Marks)

What has formed the speaker’s blood?

Answer: The speaker’s blood is formed of the soil of his land. The blood that he possesses belongs to the whole humanity. Everyone on the earth has come from the same source and has the same blood.

Who showered love and affection on the poetess?

Answer: Very clear as the title of the poem suggests, poetess’ grandmother showered love and affection on the poetess when she was with her grandmother at her old house which is now deserted.

How does the poet feel in dying for his country?

Answer: The poet feels proud and honoured in dying for his country. He takes this dying as a glorious sacrifice. He feels sacrificing life for the sake of his country gives eternal peace to his soul.

Why is Macavity never accused of committing a crime?

Answer: Macavity is never accused of committing a crime because it commits the crime but never leaves its footprint behind. No police station in Scotland has a case registered against it.

In what way will the lovers be united?

Answer: According to the poet in the poem ‘Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe’ lovers be united with keeping love for each other in their hearts. Their love should be pure and belief that the separation that is the physical one is temporary.

What does the speaker in ‘Song of Myself observe in summer?

Answer: The poet Walt Whitman observes a spear-a blade in summer grass. The grass grows on the soil. It is found everywhere. So it represents humanity. But, a spear means – people’s not being able to understand the importance of humanity.

What had Benjy’s parents expected when they handed the passbook to him?

Answer: Benjy’s parents had expected when they handed the passbook to him that Benjy would thank them of whatever they had done for him in saving the money. They had thought that Benjy would talk about sharing the money and their refusing the same.

What was the role of fire in human development?

Answer: The role of fire in human development is of many benefits – it kept wild animals away from our ancestors while they slept and rested, it gave them warmth to protect themselves from the cold, and ultimately it helped them cook food.

What is the relevance of Martine Luther King, Jr.’s speech?

Answer: The relevance of Martin Luther’s speech is so high that it started and succeeded in getting segregation and racial discrimination wiped out from the country. Also, it established King as one of the greatest orators of the world.

What are Pearls S. Buck’s views about Indian peasants and their children?

Answer: The writer’s views about Indian peasants and children are very terrible. They get married early in life so that they may produce children as many as possible before they die. The life span is only twenty seven years and children suffer from malnutrition.

Why did the narrator always obey Nanukaka?

Answer: The narrator always obeyed Nanukaka as he (Nanukaka) was his maternal uncle – brother of his mother. Narrator’s mother had also suggested him to do so in the beginning when he was coming to stay with them for two or three days.

What is the pledge taken by the Negroes?

Answer: The pledge taken by the Negroes is that they should always march ahead. They pledge to have their share in the country’s resources. They want justice and electoral right to vote.

How do we treat people who are outside our herd?

Answer: Our treatment towards those who are outside of our herd is very unfriendly and hostile. Civilization has taught us to be kind in our behaviour even towards the animal.

Why does Lomov think that his is a critical age?

Answer: Lomov thinks that his is a critical age – firstly because his age is thirty five years already. Secondly, he is hypochondriac – a condition in which he cannot get sound sleep and always feels nervous and restless.

How can we improve our English?

Answer: We can improve English by developing a habit of reading short and simple stories written in simple English language. Reading stories and thinking in English about those stories will help much. If we get or manage to make an environment of talking in English, it will be proved the best.

Write a short note on Indian English novel.

Answer: Bankim Chandra’s ‘Raj Mohan’s Wife’ written in 1864 was the first Indian novel in English. He awakened national consciousness through his novels. Mulk Raj Anand wrote social novels. His novel ‘Untouchable’ was an attempt to abolish the evil of untouchability. Economic slavery and colonial exploitation were the subject matter of R. K. Narayan.

Answer: There are many reasons behind English’ becoming so popular in India. First, the English rule – that imposed their language on us. Second, when the English left India, English remained here as the language of the ruler even in independent India. So, its charm and fascination remained intact and continued to attract the youth.

Why did the Old English Period fail to produce literature of much significance?

Answer: The Old English Period failed to produce literature of much significance because the rulers of England at the time were not patron of this language. First German and then French dominated there. Also, the rate of literacy was very less.

What is meant by ‘Great Vowel Shift’?

Answer: The Great Vowel Shift is a massive sound change affecting the long vowels of English during the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries. These changes were the last changes in English language and since then English has got no major changes till now.

Write a note on Indian Drama?

Answer: When we see Indian Dramas in English these are mainly translated versions in English from other Indian languages. Asif Currimbhoy’s ‘The Tourist Mecca’. Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Chitra’ and ‘Red Oleander’. Similarly Girish Karnad’s “Hayavadana’ and ‘Tughlaq’ are a few to name.


ProseWriters’ Name
Indian Civilization and CultureMahatma Gandhi
Bharat is My HomeDr. Zakir Husain
A Pinch of SnuffManohar Malgaonkar
I Have a DreamMartin Luther King, Jr.
Ideas That Have Helped Mankind Bertrand Russell
The ArtistShiga Naoya
A Child Is BornGermaine Gree
How Free is the PressDorothy L. Sayers
The EarthH. E. Bates
India through A Traveller’s EyePearl S. Buck
A Marriage ProposalAnton Chekhov


PoetsWriters’ Name
Sweetest Love, I Don’t GoeJohn Donne
Songs Of MyselfWalt Whitman
Now The Leaves Are Falling FastW. H. Auden
To AutumnJohn Keats
An EpitaphWalter de la Mare
The SoldierRupert Brooke
Macavity: The Mystery CatI. S. Eliot
Fire-HymnKeki N. Daruwalla
SnakeD. H. Lawrence
My Grand Mother’s HouseKamala Das

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